Jan 022021

This morning I got some sad news. It’s obviously been a while since I’ve written here, and I’ve always kept my personal business off this page, but there are good reasons for not doing so today.

My teacher, mentor, and dear friend, John F. Miller, III, passed away last night from Covid.

I don’t know if it’s possible for me to communicate what a huge impact John had on my life, and how dear his friendship was to my wife and me. We always felt so fortunate to have him as both a teacher and a close friend. He stayed in our home several times during his trips to Texas, and we cherished every moment of them.

I’ve already told you he was my mentor. Better said, he was like a second father to me. At a phase in my life when I was trying to climb out of a dark hole I had dug for myself, I went back to college and walked into one of his philosophy courses and instantly knew this man’s heart and mind were both exceptional. It was John who helped me discover the centrality of love, and John who taught me how to meditate. Everything I learned from him about philosophy and spirituality helped deepen my understanding of Freemasonry and shape my work as a teacher of contemplative practice. In my first book, I acknowledged John’s contribution. My second book is in the publisher’s hands, and it too acknowledges John. My third book is in the works, and now it will include a special tribute to John.

I grieve with the thought of not seeing his wonderful smile or hearing his hearty laugh again, savoring good food and drink together, or talking with him about love, philosophy, and the mysteries of existence. But, if any soul could do so, then surely John’s can sense all the love reaching out to it now from all the people whose lives he’s touched. His presence will continue to be with us all, and that makes me smile warmly.

If you’d like to learn more about John, you can read an interview I did with him here.


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  1. My condolences, Chuck. I think I remember you mentioning him a couple of times in your posts. You had a great love for him and it’s time to grieve for a while.

    All my best,

  2. Thank you, Steve. I hope you and yours have been, are now, and will be well.


    • Hello,

      John was my uncle. There is not enough room for me to share all that he taught me. Rest assured that his love, kindness and gentility cannot end just because of the loss of his physical body. His love will continue throughout eternity. That being said, the hole in my heart is huge. Peace to you all….

      • Dear Mark,

        Thank you so much for sharing your feelings about your beloved uncle. He was an incredible human being who brought light and warmth and spirit to everyone who let him touch their lives. John felt like family to Susan and me, so if you would be interested in connecting by phone or video, then let me know and we’ll work it out. Peace to you, Mark.


  3. Stephen Rex Hocevar : John was the first friend I made upon arriving at U.N.T in 1980.We have remained friends these last 40 years largely do to the interest John took in my numerology charts(not because I failed Logic 401 L.O.L.).I last talked with him in November 2020,then my Christmas Card came back and here I am.John and Lana Loved to eat out at go to Music Concerts.Odd,I’ve been feeling lost today,now I find I’ve no mentor,yet knowing weeks ago the psycic connection had been broken.Dear John,I will apply the things you have taught me.

    • Dear Rex,
      Thank you for sharing your memory of John. He made such a huge difference in so many lives. Communication is happening among a circle of his friends, which is growing. I will send you an email with more information.


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